Ian Denslow
16 October 2023

A client's pespective

Heart warming words from a client based upon their experience of rehabilitation at Dorset Neuro Rehab post spinal cord injury.

Earlier this year we received a lovely review from one of our clients. It’s always amazing to hear of our client’s positive experiences at Dorset Neuro Rehab and this one really epitomises our beliefs, values and ethos. Please read on to hear of the type of journey our clients experience.

We are fortunate to have received lots of lovely reviews and if you want to read more click the button below to view our Testimonial page.

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A client’s perspective of their journey following spinal cord injury.

Specialist neuro-physio sessions with Ian Denslow have ensured I achieved the best rehab from my spinal cord injury. The continuity of care has contributed to my physical and psychological recovery after 3 months as a spinal unit inpatient.

I have gained much benefit from the consistency of instruction, carefully focussed activities, progression work and, when I needed it, adapting exercises to help my recovery.   I have regained range and strength in my movement, improved my gait and won back parts of my life I feared lost. 

Each session has been structured to review my efforts, support my progress through more difficult movements and encourage me to keep going over the long haul that is rehabilitation.  Without this specialist and detailed input, I would surely have given up on my recovery.  A year of rehab work is tedious with the best of support.  As only I could actually do the exercises to make the difference, it would be easy to fall into isolation and despair.  Having regular neuro-physiotherapy sessions with Ian has been enjoyable and has helped me through the dark moments.  

“Without this specialist and detailed input, I would surely have given up on my recovery.”

In the first few months, knowing that I had a session each week encouraged me to persevere with the exercise plan.  Knowing that I could talk about the difficulties and follow a varied programme of exercises devised especially for my needs – that was invaluable.  Ian’s approach has been professional and compassionate at a time when I needed expert support and encouragement.

During the year of rehab, I moved from weekly, to fortnightly and then monthly sessions.  I am now driving again, walking and feel as though I have regained much of the ground from my active life before injury. 

We are extremely grateful for all the kind words our clients leave us. It means a lot to receive feedback both positive and negative as it helps us grow and develop as a business and as therapists.

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Ian Denslow
Neurological Physiotherapist