“‘Adapt and overcome’ is my new motto”

-Jack Osbourne, Multiple Sclerosis




[Dawr-sit] County in southwest England. Mainly hilly but low lying. To it’s residents an area of outstanding natural beauty. Population approximately 425 000.


combining form

[noo-ro]  In reference to ‘neurological’ adjective. Of or relating to the nervous system. 



[ree-hab] shortening of rehabilitation. Pertaining to the engagement of therapeutic intervention in order to recover or maintain function, strength and/or activity as a result of a medical condition.

Dorset Neuro Rehab was established by Ian Denslow in 2019. Ian aspires to serve the community with specialist neurological rehabilitation. Underpinning his rehabilitation skills is a sound theoretical knowledge. It is this knowledge Ian wants to share with the community and this blog provides the platform to do this as well as his own ideas, concepts and points for discussion. This is designed to be an interactive service so please feel free to comment.

Welcome to Dorset Neuro Rehab

Hello and welcome to Dorset Neuro Rehab, and specifically to my blog. It is exciting times at Dorset Neuro Rehab and we have big ambitions. This venture is going to occur in stages over a period of time and I hope you can join us along the way. Keep reading to learn more about our vision.

Neurological conditions?

What is a neurological condition? Good question! Neurology in its simplest form relates to the nervous system. This seems fairly straight forward but why are there so many conditions? Because the nervous system is designed with such complexity. Keep reading to understand more about the nervous system and how different conditions affect it and how therapy can help.
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Your Questions: Answered

We asked you to ask us! Neurological conditions naturally lead to a lot of questions. We wanted to give you an opportunity to have your questions answered by our specialist neurological physiotherapist - Ian Denslow.

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