Poundbury Clinic

“I walk like a drunk man and have to have help. So, life is different, but it is good”

– Billy Connolly, Parkinson’s Disease

The Poundbury Clinic

Dorset Neuro Rehab specialises in Neurological Rehabilitation. We are proud to be able to deliver this service in both clinic and community settings.

Our clinic in Poundbury, Dorchester is located with Move Clinic which is in the heart of Poundbury and has ample parking. There is a drop curb on the corner for disabled access and the clinic itself as fully accessible.

  • Welcoming clinic

    The clinic offers a welcoming environment, private clinic rooms and friendly staff. If there is something you are unsure about please ask.

  • Specialist assessment and treatment

    Our therapists are trained and experienced in treating clients with a range of neurological conditions. We aim to put you at the centre of your therapy and maximise your potential.

  • Parking and disabled access

    There is ample parking outside the clinic and inside the clinic is set up for disabled access.

  • Exercise equipment

    We have a range of equipment to help you engage in your therapy. If you want to know more about our equipment and if it is suitable for you please send us a message.

  • Mobility training

    We have various mobility aids to trial and often make tailored mobility programmes to ensure you stay motivated to keep mobile.

  • Links with wheelchair and seating providers

    Our neurophysiotherapist is accredited with Dorset Wheelchair Services and we also have links to local providers located nearby.

  • Covid-19 policies

    Your safety is our priority. As such we have policies in place to ensure the risk of Covid-19 transmission is minimised.

Where is the clinic?

The clinic is within Move Clinic
4 Hessary Street